Have you ever wondered what that old lamp in your attic is worth? Or maybe a table that seems to have been in the family for ages? Heck, maybe you have some old golf clubs or paintings that you think are worth something. Well there's a contest going on on Facebook to determine who has the most interesting antique in Colorado.

Colorado Public TV 12 is hosting "Colorado Collectibles 2017" on Aug. 17. Cowlens Auctions will be there appraising just how much Coloradan's antiques are worth.

But they want to know more than just how much your stuff is worth; we want to know the story behind it. Posting a photo of your antique with the story behind it could land you a free ticket to the show.

If you post your antique and its story, Cowlens Auctions will do a quick appraisal based on the picture. They'll give you a range of what your item could be worth. And if the item is super rare, like Babe Ruth's golf putter (for real someone submitted that last year), you can take your item to the collectibles show for free for a full appraisal.

If you have an antique you think is valuable but maybe doesn't have the best story, no problem! Tickets to Colorado Collectibles 2017 are $50. That will get you two different item appraisals.

Tell us what your most interesting antiques are! And then get in the competition. You never know what treasure might be collecting dust in your attic.