At age 90, Erv Johnson has only one thing to say: “Don't feel any different than when I was 50.” A short and simple response for a man who turned nine decades old on Wednesday.

Most would consider the feat a massive milestone, but to Erv it’s just another day.

“It’s a 60 but you’ve got to turn the 6 upside down,” Erv said, laughing in his son’s Severance home. The modesty is a fairly typical response for Erv, after all he is the fourth sibling to turn 90 in the last eight years.

“[My siblings] are 97, 95, 93, and then there’s me,” he said, “I’m the youngest.”

Hard to imagine a 90-year-old being considered the baby of the family.

“My dad gave me more money when I was going to high school than he did to [my siblings],” he said laughing.

The oldest member of the family is Charlotte, then Odell, then Maynard, and then Erv. Between the four of them there are more than 270 years of marriage, zero years of divorce, and countless stories.

Oldest brother Odell was captured by Germans during WWII and held prisoner, but was let go and returned to the U.S. Maynard went on to be a long distance truck driver until he was 90. Erv himself served 21 years in the military, some of his fondest.

“I was incredibly proud,” he said.

All three siblings live near Erv’s hometown in southern Minnesota. All still enjoy good health and full families.

Erv says all four four siblings remain close and will see each other this weekend for their first reunion in 10 years.