Would you like a french bulldog with that pale ale? Or maybe a husky with that red is more your style.

The Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL) kicked off its new campaign, Great Pairings, Monday with the release of two of its seven pairs of breeds and craft beers.

DDFL asked seven local breweries to share one of their favorite brews to be paired with a breed that shares the same traits as the beer.

Five dogs and two cats are included in the new campaign.

Photos and information about each pair with will be posted with #GreatPairings on social media, leading up to a big night on Thursday.

Monday two of the pairs were unveiled.

The husky is paired with Alpine Dog's "Howl at the Moon" Imperial Red Ale. We're told both are strong in character and born leaders that are often preferred by people who are wild at heart.

The French bulldog's companion is Ratio's "Dear You" French Saison. DDFL says both have bright, sparkling personalities and are good for kicking back on the porch - or for a classy night out.

On Tuesday, DDFL unvieled two more pairs.

The Redbone Coonhound mix is partnered up with Black Shirt's Stringbender - one has a gorgeous red coat, while the other has a gorgeous red hue says DDFL. Both are big and bold, with amplified personalities.

And the Pomeranian mix is paired with Declaration's Hardtack Copper ale. The Pomeranian has big hops for such a small dog, similar to the ale's more hop-forward taste compared to other copper ales. Both are perfect as outside companions, or even for chilly nights in said DDFL.

The Golden Retriever was unveiled Wednesday with Copper Kettle's Charlie's Golden Strong. A "drooly, yet adorable American" paired with a "delicate yet complex Belgian" - one a pleasing pal and the other, a pleasing taste said DDFL.

And of course they couldn't forget about Halloween. Thursday's first pairing was a black cat and Renegade's Imperial Pumpkin Oktoberfest. Both perfect for October and Halloween.

The Dumb Friends League will host an event with all the participating breweries, and adoptable pets, at Colorado Plus Brew Pub in Wheat Ridge from 4:30 to 7 p.m.