Ahh, a day entirely dedicated to a Star Wars joke. Really, you couldn’t sum up the influence of pop culture any better.

Yep, it’s the infamous May the Fourth again. Perhaps the only May meme that’s worse is the “It’s Gonna Be May,” based upon the N Sync song “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

(We apologize for any millennial's war flashbacks to early 2000s pop culture, or even just to this week's social media feed... but sorry. Your childhood did happen).

A song which was later covered by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

But we’re not here to talk about that overplayed mondegreen-inspired May meme, but the other one. May the Fourth be with you.

Denver International Airport certainly had fun with it, as these tweeted photos show.

We've also got some funny Star Wars-themed photos submitted to us through Yourtake. Feel free to submit yours to us (especially if it has to do with pets in costume. Those are gold.)