Breweries are not the only companies getting into all-things barrel aged. A local coffee company has been doing it for nearly ten years.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee is located in Commerce City.

The business focuses on small-batch coffee.

Owner Tal Fishman says he was looking for a unique flavor and just couldn't find it. He is passionate about coffee and bourbon and says the two flavors just work well together.

"We wanted the coffee to finish like bourbon. We looked all over the world and we couldn't find one, so we said 'OK, we'll make one.' It took us about two years to develop it."

They have several varieties of coffee, but their best seller is the dark roast.

Occasionally, when they find a good barrel, they will make a double-cask blend that is aged in two barrels. Some recent varieties include a port blend and a rum blend. 

Fishman says their coffee's unique flavor is not your average cup of joe.

"Whiskey Barrel Coffee is not your morning coffee," Fishman said. "Whiskey Barrel Coffee is for when you sit in the afternoon and actually have time to enjoy your cup of coffee."

Whiskey Barrel Coffee has collaborated with several local breweries, including Declaration Brewing and Left Hand Brewing Company, to make special coffee beers.

The company also makes a cold brew coffee that is served on nitro. Many local coffee shops around the Denver Metro Area serve it.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee has a locator on their website to find restaurants and shops that sell their coffee.

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