Where some downtown Denver restaurants have seen an excess of square footage as a curse that ultimately led to their closure, the ownership team of the Rhein Haus restaurant saw opportunity.

And on Friday, that team will open Wally’s Wisconsin Tavern in a 2,000-square-foot area of their 14,000-square-foot Lower Downtown building.

There they'll serve the cheese curds and fried fish that several of them enjoyed in their Midwestern youth. And they hope that the multiple concepts under one roof will draw an even more diverse crowd to the 1415 and 1417 Market Street location and become a spot known for its energy — plus its meat and beer.

“Nothing breeds business like business,” said Rich Fox, a partner in the Weimann-Maclise Restaurant Group, which operates five different one-off restaurants in the Seattle area as well as its two concepts in Denver and another Rhein Haus in Tacoma, Washington. “It’s great to have new interplay. We have different things to market. We would never have (Pabst Blue Ribbon) on tap in Rhein Haus.”

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