With 1980s-era pop music playing in the background, Mykel Brawley pickles cucumbers in her home kitchen the way her grandmother and mother taught her.

The Fort Collins native recently turned her lifelong hobby into a side business — Fort Collins Pickle Co. launched in December selling bread and butter, habanero dill and garlic dill pickles at local farmers markets.

While most food items sold in Colorado must be prepared in an inspected commercial kitchen, Brawley pickles out of her south Fort Collins home kitchen under the Colorado Cottage Food Act. The law permits food businesses to sell certain items prepared outside of commercial kitchens and without the approval of county health inspectors.

“I couldn’t imagine starting without (the Cottage Food Act),” said Brawley, who previously was a social worker. “I couldn’t have launched as smoothly. It allows you to grow organically.”

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