While many Colorado families prepare then eat a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, others are often not as fortunate.

This possibility is why several local food truck operators decided to spend part of their holiday giving back.

"We're all small business owners and we're not some big corporation, but you know we still want to give back," Jason Bray with J Street food truck said.

About a dozen local food trucks will come together Thanksgiving afternoon to offer the homeless and less fortunate a free Thanksgiving meal.

"Not necessarily just homeless, but anyone that's in need that can't really afford a Thanksgiving meal," Bray said.

They're calling it, "Food Trucksgiving."

"A bunch of different local food trucks, Smoke Stack 70, Buddha Bao, Colorado Pig Rig, J Street, Yatai, Pavy's - a bunch of different food trucks are all donating time and money and product," Bray said.

"Yeah we're just doing the whole spread you know. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, dessert the whole nine yards," he said.

The trucks will be parked at 3530 Brighton Boulevard at 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

They will be serving until they run out of food.

'Food Trucksgiving' is not the only way people in need can get a free meal.

Click here to find a list of other locations across the metro area offering free Thanksgiving meals.