In honor of the 2017 Dragon Boat Festival, we're highlighting the food in Colorado's Asian American community. It's four stops, four different countries, and four amazing dishes.

We went to Pho Duy on Federal Boulevard in Denver.

The restaurant is one of several pho shops in the area. So why this one? We can't confirm it, but there's talk that Pho Duy is one of the best places to get pho in all of Colorado.

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Pho is Vietnamese soup. It's rice noodles dunked in a rich meaty broth, topped off with herbs and your choice of meat or seafood.

You can customize it however you want.

The face behind it: Troy Nguyen

Troy Nguyen has been working at the restaurant for the past two years. He took a trip to Vietnam a couple of months ago, and he believes the pho here might be better because of the rich, meaty broth. Nguyen says people love pho because soup is a universal comfort food in all cultures.

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