Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen opened its doors to loyal customers Sunday morning after months of repairs.

A fire that started in the apartment above the shop damaged the store, forcing the temporary closure.

Investigators would eventually find the body of 29-year-old Shane Richardson, who was shot to death, inside that apartment.

Brian Pattison, 30, was arrested and charged in Richardson's death.

“I don't believe it's the first fire that's occurred in this building and it's still here,” Rosenberg’s owner Josh Pollack said of the store built in the 1920s. “It's tough. You know, a couple more weeks dealing with insurance has really been frustrating.”

Since the closure, Pollack and his team found ways to continue baking off bagels and selling them at pop-up events. Since insurance is covering the damage, Pollack donated the money made from those bagels since the closure to charity.

“They’ve been super supportive. A lot of businesses can have something like this happen to them and not make it through. But it’s really the community that's supported us and shown us that they are going to be there day one when we're ready. So that kind of kept us going the whole time,” Pollack said.

The line flowed out the back door of the restaurant Sunday serving as a reminder as to why Pollack’s mission and work has been so successful, even during adversity.

“To me it's my soul food. It's what my family always ate growing up. So I think you see a lot of that with our regular customers and it's more than just a bite to eat. It brings true emotion to you when you come here.”