In honor of the 2017 Dragon Boat Festival, we're highlighting the food in Colorado's Asian American community. It's four stops, four different countries, and four amazing dishes.

Thai Flavor is a small mom and pop's shop in Aurora. If you haven't noticed a pattern, a lot of great Asian food spots are located in Aurora.

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Pad Thai is arguably the most well-known dish in Thai cuisine (and for good reasons), but there are several other dishes you should try.

If you're a fan of pad thai, try pad see ew. It's also a popular fried noodle dish in Thailand. It's wide rice noodles with vegetables and meat, seasoned with soy sauce.

Thai Fried Rice is a step up from your normal fried rice. It's filled with vegetables and meat, but the chilies and garlic give it an unexpected kick.

If you're feeling a little brave, try the green curry.

The face behind it: Surin Thawon

Thawon and her husband said they never thought they would succeed. "First and second year...was bad," Thawon said. The couple kept pushing forward and eventually word got out- the food at Thai Flavor was worth coming back for. Thawon's husband confidently told us that his wife's cooking is the best.

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