Thanksgiving is coming up and many of us are finalizing our menus. Most of us have tried and true recipes we fall back on every year, but what if a few simple tweaks can turn your Thanksgiving into a fat burning dinner?

Dr. Rachel Yan shares her Thanksgiving secrets and answers common questions.

The key is carb control without deprivation. Humans have a bottomless pit when it comes to eating carbohydrates. That’s why you can sit down and eat an entire bucket of popcorn or giant bag of chips without noticing. You simply can’t do the same with a plateful of steaks or entire roast chicken. And we all know that eating excessive carbs translates to bad blood sugar management and putting on fat. The key to having a fat burning thanksgiving involves transforming typically carb heavy items into protein and fat centric recipes. This way, you can still enjoy all the components of your Thanksgiving feast and feel satiated faster.

How would we transform carb heavy Thanksgiving items like rolls, stuffing and bread into something better?

Transform your carb heavy wheat flour into a grain free, protein rich flour.

2 cups almond flour, sifted*
1 and ⅓ cups tapioca flour/tapioca starch
⅔ cup coconut flour

You can use this flour to replace anything you would use wheat flour in- pie crust, stuffing, rolls, gravy, cake, bread.

How else can we indulge without overeating?

Eat good fat and get full faster. This is a key strategy to making sure you don’t overeat on Thanksgiving. Fat helps us feel satiated and full faster, which is what we want on a Thanksgiving feast. We know that eating proper fats helps promote fat burning in the body. One of my favorite fats to use in recipes is coconut milk. You can use it to replace cream in any recipe without compromising the richness of flavor, while catering to any dairy intolerant guests. There’s nothing worse than being full and bloated after a meal because of dairy problems.

Don't stress on Thanksgiving Day

Lastly, remember to relax and enjoy. Thanksgiving can be a hectic event where accomplishing our kitchen agenda takes precedence over the true purpose of the holiday. We now know the profound impact of stress causing weight gain, and there’s no magical diet which can the effect of stress on our waistline. So, breathe, relax and enjoy yourself for a healthy Thanksgiving.