Tonight is the night for which kids have been waiting.

Streets will be filled with goblins, ghosts, superheroes and the kids from Stranger Things.

With all the trick-or-treaters walking through dark neighborhoods, there are several important safety tips to remember this Halloween.

Trick-or-treating safety tips:

- Make sure trick-or-treaters can see and be seen. Use reflective tape on costumes or trick-or-treat bags. Have trick-or-treaters use flashlights to illuminate dark sidewalks.

- Plan the route. Parents should accompany young children around the neighborhood. Make sure older children tell parents where they are walking.

- Trick-or-treat in groups.

- Carry a cellphone for quick communication.

- Make sure children can see out of their masks... or use face paint instead of masks.

- Be cautious around animals, especially dogs, at neighbor's front doors.

- Only use flame-resistant costumes, especially if a costume involves a battery-pack for lights.

- Only visit homes with a front porch light on.

- Accept treats at the door. Never go inside a home.

- Walk on sidewalks, not the street. If no sidewalk is available, walk at the side of the road, facing traffic.

- Look both ways before crossing traffic.

- Cross the street only at a corner.

- Don't cut across yards or alleys.

- Don't walk between parked cars.

Preparing your home for trick-or-treaters:

- Restrain your pets or lock them in a different room so they don't escape.

- Sweep leaves from your sidewalk, steps and porch.

- Light your porch and driveway for trick-or-treaters.

- Clear your porch of any obstacles someone could trip over.

- Drive carefully! Excited children may forget to look both ways before crossing a street.

Pumpkin carving safety tips:

- Don't let small children carve pumpkins. Children can use markers, then parents can cut.

- Consider a flashlight or glow stick to light a pumpkin instead of a candle.

- Always place pumpkins on a sturdy table, away from curtains and flammable objects.

- Never leave a lit jack-o-lantern unattended.

The American Red Cross has a free Red Cross First Aid App for instant access to first aid advice if anyone has an accident.

Have a fun - and safe - Halloween!