This Thanksgiving, the turkey might be served up with a side of political tension.

Some people have told us they have a no politics rule, but others will take it head on.

Kent Diekmeier said politics will come up for sure.

He’s most interested in talking about the decision about capitalism vs. socialism in our recent election.

And he's definitely going to bring that up at the dinner table.

9NEWS asked Denver-area family therapist Dr. Larry Curry what to do when controversial conversations begin at the holiday dinner.

His advice?

"Shut up! Avoid that conversation as much as possible!”

Curry suggests avoiding politics, allowing people to have their own opinions and limit alcohol consumption.

He also says laughter may be the best medicine when it comes to deflecting stress.

If somebody says something controversial, give them a nod and say and say OK.

Don't disagree.

And if all else fails, ask someone to pass the gravy.