We've all seen what happens when someone goes all Clark Griswold on their home.

How is the rest of the neighborhood supposed to shine in that situation?

“It brings a lot of joy to a lot of people,” said Amanda smiling.

Amanda lives next to one of Commerce City’s largest light displays. 30,000 lights, an ice castle, and an 18-foot Santa Claus.

Amanda didn’t want her last name to be given but she’s lived next to her neighbor’s opulent light display for five years.

“Oh we know we're being outdone,” she said laughing. “We're really good friends with them [and] we jokingly tease. I put up my one strand of lights and call it good because there's really no competing.”

Amanda’s neighbor has put up the display since she moved in. She simply strings 43 lights on her front porch.

“Yes, yes we have the most Christmas spirit,” said Michael Omstat, who puts on the display with his wife. “[I say that] because my wife is prodding me. We may have some fun stuff but I don't consider it the best on the block.”

Michael may play modest, but Amanda doesn’t.

“They have their own solar pool,” she said laughing. “There's no keeping up with that.”

There are jokes and lessons to be learned here: there’s no need to keep up with the Jones’ when the whole block is meant to enjoy their extravagance.

“It's fun we tease each other of course but it's all in good fun,” Amanda said.

The Omstat’s say their display costs $150 in electricity for the two months it’s up.

It takes them 90 hours to arrange the display.