'Tis the season for holiday deliveries: A busy time of the year for delivery drivers, and sadly, porch pirates.

Police don’t have actual numbers on how often thieves swipe packages from front porches, but delivery drivers claim it doubles or even triples during the holidays.

“If [the homeowner] didn't get [their package] I don't know who took it,” UPS driver John Shae told 9NEWS. “Some people just like getting something for nothing.”

Shae does what many drivers do if people aren’t home to claim their packages; he hides it.

It’s never far away from the doorstep so owners can still find it easily, but avoiding the situation altogether doesn’t take much effort.

Delivery services say the best way to avoid theft is to have the package delivered to a place with a person.

Whether that’s at work, a neighbor’s house, or the delivery store itself -- all it takes is a call to direct the package to another location.

Some services only require signatures on “expensive” items, which they deem deliveries worth $1,000 or more. You can call and request a signature for any of your packages so you know it’s in entrusted hands.

Police do investigate each instance, so if your package does get stolen, you're urged to file a police report.