Yes, you should have fun on the weekend. We have a list dedicated to that idea.

But like it or not, the weekend is also a time for getting chores done. And that includes garden work, which is a pain for some and a joy to others.

The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado told us five things you could do this weekend to take care of your garden.

  1. Aerate the lawn. With this week's snowfall, added water shouldn't be needed for a good aeration.
  2. Trim the brown ornamental grasses from last year, if you haven't already. Waiting until new green shoots sprout means "a tangled mess of old and new growth" that will be harder and take longer to prune.
  3. Zap any early weeds such as dandelions. Make sure you use the right product and use it during the warmest part of the day, while avoiding spraying it during a breeze.
  4. Prep the planting space for the vegetable garden by turning over the soil and adding amendments.
  5. Plant cool season crop seeds such as lettuce, spinach, Kale, radishes, peas, carrots and green onions.