If you’re thinking of updating your garden or yard, here are fresh ideas for using new materials or finding new uses for materials we’ve used before.

Here are a couple new trends using old standbys. First, gravel patios - popular in the California wine country are catching on in Colorado. They’re a good fit for Colorado because of our freeze/thaw climate and expansive soils that can heave and crack other surfaces. The materials are also budget friendly!

Concrete is another material being repurposed in new ways besides flat surfaces such as pathways and patios.

The new trend is to go up with concrete for other purposes. Use it to create walls and planting beds. You can even pour concrete rectangles in turf areas with spaces of turf between to add interesting patterns that break up expanses of lawn. Concrete is not as expensive as some outdoor materials and it’s quite versatile.

Metal planters for raised veggie beds fit in well with the clean, modern – almost industrial look – that’s popular now.

Metal containers are very durable and their biggest benefit is that the metal heats up in the sun and keeps the soil warm. Warm soil helps plant growth, so that’s another plus of using metal planters.

One new product to consider in landscaping is porcelain pavers. When they were first introduced, they weren’t a good fit for the Colorado climate, but they have been re-engineered to hold up here.

They are extremely versatile because they look like stone, wood or concrete – but they’re made of porcelain. They are durable and can be used for many different combinations and they are ADA approved to be not too slippery.

Using these repurposed and new materials can help you update the look of your landscape and remain budget-friendly.

Information courtesy Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado – sponsors of the 9NEWS Water Wise Garden and the 9News Kitchen Garden.