The official start of fall is a week away.

With temperatures starting to drop and more storms possible, now is the time to get your garden fall ready.

By mid-September summer flowers can start looking a bit tired. But refreshing seasonal colors in containers and planting beds can go a long way to making them look new again.

Debi Borden-Miller with the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado stopped by on Friday to give us some ideas.

She suggests replacing some of your summer flowers with fall varieties and sprinkling in pansies and fall-blooming perennials for seasonal color that will come back season after season.

In Colorado, since the weather is still warm, but not too hot, perennials are likely to thrive in the early fall. Annuals will last through the season.

And if you're looking for a creative way to garden, Borden-Miller says it's a fun time to decorate our outdoor spaces with fun planters and fall plants.

One idea she suggests: repurposing old sports equipment to be planters.

You can also take advantage of other fall items such as straw, corn stalks and pumpkins to work them into your fall plant décor.