Gardening today is very popular and many would-be gardeners live in tight urban spaces with very little room to exercise their green thumb. Yet, it is still possible to grow flowers and even edibles in a very small space.

If you want to grow flowers and/or edibles, you can make it happen in the space you have even if you are limited to an indoor area. Your choices for growing indoors may be more limited – but it’s still possible.

Indoor gardeners who also like to cook can have fun – and probably save some money at the grocery store -- by growing herbs on the window sill. You can grow basil, chives and many herbs in a sunny window. And you can pick them quickly for cooking right when you need them.

If you have an outdoor area such as a balcony or patio, you will likely have a little more space to grow larger plants such as tomatoes and have more plant options as well. Select the flowers you like to see and the edibles you like to eat that are suited for the exposure of your outdoor area. Most edibles thrive in sunny spaces, so park containers in the area that has the most hours of direct sunlight.

What do you need to get started?

For small spaces, you won’t need a shed full of tools and gardening materials. What you will need includes a few simple items: containers, potting soil and plants. You can easily substitute common kitchen items for standard gardening tools. Use a flour scoop or a big spoon as a trowel for planting. Use a pitcher to take the place of a watering can. Multitasking with items you already have saves storage space, too.

The key to selecting plants is the same for a small container garden as for a big landscape. Select plants that share the same sun and moisture requirements. Then plant them, place them in the best location for their sun/shade needs and provide consistent water and fertilizer. Enjoy the success of growing your own plants in the space you have!