Sometimes we have a bigger appetite for edibles than we have time or space to grow them.

Time and space are the hindrances keeping many people from gardening, even if they would like to do so. Still, there are quick solutions if you want to grow some of the plants we eat most often.

If you are a frustrated would-be gardener, try planting a specialized container garden. Specialty gardens combine plants that grow well together and share a common theme.

Here are two little gardens that require minimum space and effort:

Plant an Italian themed hanging basket or container. Combine two tomato varieties such as Tom Sweet 100 and Tom Sungold. They are indeterminate varieties that will grow equally well in a hanging basket to cascade over the edge, or in a pot climbing up a trellis. Complement the tomatoes with basil and parsley and finally add some beauty with nasturtium and marigold flowers. Nasturtium flowers and leaves are also edible.

Or grow a container of garden greens. Include a few lettuce varieties and kale. You will have the freshest lettuce around. As each garden is used, simply replant for a succession of garden greens.

Both gardens require little maintenance, which means little of your time. And both take up small amounts of space.