In honor of June being National Pollinator Month, you may want to make your outdoor area, whether it be a large garden or a small balcony, a pollinator-friendly place. And the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado told us how you can do that.

To roll out the welcome mat for pollinators, you’ll need plants and water.

Fortunately, you don’t need exotic plants, just flowers, vegetables and/or herbs. Try to go for a variety, as different pollinators want different things.

Shelter is something that larger plants such as trees and bushes can provide. Bees, for example, may nest in dead wood, such as an old stump. Again, go for a good variety of shelter-plants, if you can.

As for keeping pollinators hydrated, don’t just think they can drink out of a bird bath. Bird baths and ponds can pose a problem if they have steep sides, making it possible for pollinators to drown.

A flat perch close to the water’s edge is needed for sure footing. In the case of a pond or running water, there should be are short, flat rocks along the edge where the water is not running.

You can make a waterhole of your own out of ordinary things around the house, as shown in the video above. Just make it out of a shallow container, place marbles and pebbles for safe landing perches, and change the water everyday so it’s fresh.