Monday is the first day of spring. While it's too soon to plan most varieties yet, there are some that you can plant now.

Cold-tolerant plants such as: pansies, kale, violas, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth, can all be planted outside now. However, you'll want to cover them if temperatures drop below 20° F. Be sure to "harden off" your plants by placing them outside in direct sun for a few hours each day. They are used to growing in the ideal conditions of a greenhouse so they need A little time to get used to living outside.

Leave your tulips and daffodils inside their original pots and place them inside larger planters. When they have finished blooming, take them out of the planters and replace them with plants that prefer slightly warmer temperatures like geraniums and ranunculus. Plant tulips and daffodils directly in the ground in early fall.