Go green for Thanksgiving! You can save money and create an inviting Thanksgiving table by incorporating natural materials into your display.

We've created a light and fresh table display to contrast with the heavy Thanksgiving meal with Hubbard squash, green pumpkins, English ivy, green moss, metallic silverware, metallic tea lights, and plates with metallic accents.

You can find Hubbard squash, green pumpkins, and English ivy at your local garden center or grocer. English ivy is a very common houseplant that you may already have on hand! If not, any leafy green trailing plant will look great.

Look for gold, brass, or copper flatware and metallic accented plates at your local thrift store. You can also find these items at Homegoods stores, often at a substantial discount.

Place a mini bouquet of flowers on each salad plate. This dresses up empty plates and will delight your guests!

For more tips on Thanksgiving table decor visit Thrifty Chic Home on YouTube https://youtube.com/ThriftyChicHome/