Time is running out. Get your garden and equipment prepared for winter.

If you still have summer bulbs in the ground or in pots, dig them. They'll survive these first few cold nights but get them dug soon. After the top growth has frosted, cut it off. Save the rhizomes and tubers of cannas, dahlias, pineapple lilies and gladiolus for next year by storing them in plastic grocery bags. Tie the bags loosely. If there's little air, the bulbs will rot. If the plants are growing in a fairly small, lightweight pot, you don't need to dig them out. just bring the pot inside.

Store the pots and bags of bulbs in a dark, cool place for winter such as a basement, crawlspace or unheated garage. Just make sure the area doesn't freeze in winter. Check the bulbs every month or so. If they've shriveled, sprinkle them with a bit of water.

All these bulbs can be re-activated and re-planted next spring. Saving them is logical and thrifty.

Make sure to protect your watering equipment such as hoses, sprinklers and watering wands. Turn off your outside spigots from inside your house. Open the tap so that there's no water trapped in the pipes that can freeze and burst the pipes.