It's not too late. You can create quick, inexpensive arrangements.

For a simple centerpiece, start with a platter or wide bowl. Center a chunk of wet floral foam. (If you don't have this, proceed anyway.)

Make a pile of apples, mini pumpkins and gourds or any combination of them on the platter or bowl. A bag of apples will suffice.

Pick sprigs of fresh sage. (If you don't have that, proceed anyway.)

Cut most of the stems off of a supermarket bouquet. I spent $15 on flowers. Insert them between the apples and pumpkins. Just fill in. The floral foam will hold the flowers in place but the fruit will also support them if you don't have foam. Just make sure the stems can reach water to keep them fresh.

For a quick entryway decoration, use a small metal garden trellis that isn't currently in use. Put it on its side. Fill it with pumpkins, gourds, pine cones and corn.

While the trellis still on its side, tip a pot of soil over next to it. Maneuver the support prongs of the trellis into the soil. Set it upright. Your Thanksgiving trellis is complete to greet your guests.