The growing season may be nearing an end but I'm busier than ever.

One project is to add crocus to my thyme lawn. This lawn was converted from turf to thyme about six weeks ago. Crocus and other minor bulbs will grow in either a thyme or grass lawn and bloom very early, usually in March.

To achieve a natural look, toss the bulbs in the air and plant them where they fall. Plant them about three inches deep. Make sure you buy snow crocus or so-called "botanical" crocus. These are basically wild crocus that grow in eastern Europe. Jumbo Dutch crocus aren't a good choice for our area and usually don't persist for very long. Snow crocus thrive and multiply for many decades.

Another vital project is to dig, re-pot and store tender plants indoors. Priorities include geraniums and begonias but many tender perennials that we grow as annuals can be saved. Re-pot them in fresh soil, cut them back and clean them up. Then grow them over winter in a bright window or under lights. It's well worth saving as much as you can to beautify your garden essentially for free next year.