Wreathes are a festive way to incorporate natural materials into your holiday décor, but they don’t have to be boring and plain. It is incredibly easy to dress up a plain wreath to suit your taste. Start with a plain pre-made wreath and weave in small branches or cuts of different types of pine or evergreen sprigs to bulk it up and add texture. Try juniper, holly, cedar, or any type of evergreen that you can cut from your yard or can find in the nursery or garden center.

Use wire wrapped in floral tape to secure the branches to the pre-made wreath. After the natural materials have been added, make your wreath last all season by spraying it liberally with Wilt Stop, which is a spray that will lock in the moisture and make your wreath last much longer. Once you have finished adding the natural materials, you can dress it up even further by adding ribbon, bows, battery operated lights, or Christmas ornaments. You can find materials and inspiration at the craft store or garden nursery. If you want an extra pop of sparkle, you can even spray the wreath with glitter spray.

Now that you have your wreath designed to your taste, you just have to find a way to display it. Of course you can hang it on a door or on your house, but you can also find ways to use them inside. They can be hung on a window or even used flat as a table centerpiece. If you use it as a centerpiece, you can fill the center with a candle or a poinsettia in a decorative pot. If you are displaying your wreath indoors, make sure it is not close to a heating vent, which could dry it out faster.

Don’t settle for a plain, boring wreath this season. Get creative and make your display fun and unique.