As summer officially comes to an end, you may be looking at your pots and thinking some of them need a little more color, or you may be longing for more fall-like colors.

One easy and beautiful way to add more late-season color is with Black-eyed Susans. Black-eyed Susans are best known for their bright yellow flowers with black centers, or eyes, but they also include flowers with green “eyes”, burgundy flowers, and the Denver Daisy, which has two toned petals.

They like full sun, well drained soil, and spent flowers should be removed to encourage reblooming. Although they are perennials in some climates, not all varieties are hardy in Colorado, and therefore those varieties are considered annuals here.

When creating a fall container arrangement, consider pairing Black-eyed Susans with decorative kale, grasses or spikes, and decorative peppers, which all contain other classic fall colors and textures. Make sure to choose large plants and fill the pot without any gaps.

The plants don’t have the whole summer to grow and fill in, so you want to fill the pot for maximum impact right away.

The arrangement will last all fall and bring some festive color to your porch or patio!