It's not a question of if--but of when--you'll get hit by hail.

Here's a guide to help salvage what's left of your garden.

The good news is that most trees, shrubs, roses and perennials will recover in time. Some just won't bloom this year if they've lost their buds or flowering stalks. The trick is to not to do too much. Don't cut down peonies, lilies or hostas--they won't regenerate new growth this season. Tidy them up a bit but basically leave them alone. Other perennials can be pruned back depending on the degree of damage. Remove broken stems and prune for shape.

Annuals that got pulverized won't come back but those with lesser damage may have a good chance of survival. Cut off broken stems and in time they will recover. Shrubby type plants that we treat as annuals, such as flowering maples (Abutilon), can receive a hard pruning of their stems. The pruning will stimulate them to put out bushy new growth.

Some plants such as slow-growing succulents that have been shredded will take the entire season to recover. Leave them alone and allow them to put out new growth before removing damaged leaves. The most important thing to do now is to be patient.