The gardening season may be coming to a close, but there are always tasks to be completed and opportunities to get your hands dirty.

If you took cuttings of plants before the weather turned colder and rooted them in water, it may be time to pot up those cuttings in actual soil.

Once the roots have grown to 1-2 inches long, the cuttings are ready to be planted in pots. Although the cuttings may look happy and green in the water, you shouldn’t put off potting them in soil, or the roots will eventually rot and become mushy and slimy.

When your cuttings are ready to be potted, remove them from the water, gently tease the roots apart, and separate the individual cuttings. If you have saved small pots from your spring planting, you can reuse those for your cuttings. If you forgot to save them, or if you don’t have enough, plastic disposable cups make a great substitution.

Just make sure to drill or cut holes in the bottom of the cups, so the water can drain. Once your containers are ready, simply put a small amount of fresh soil in the bottom of the pot, place your cutting in the pot, and fill the rest of the container with soil. Be gentle, but make sure the soil makes good contact with the roots and there are no air pockets. Once you have a tray ready, make sure the plants are well watered and place the tray in a sunny window or under lights for the winter.

As soon as the roots on your cuttings have grown a little, don’t put off potting them up. Your new plants will thank you and you will be rewarded with healthy plants to create a beautiful garden in the spring!