As the warm weather lingers, use the opportunity to save more plants from freezing inside, as well as helping your trees and shrubs.

We've discussed before how to take cuttings of tender plants or how to save pots of plants in sunny windows or under lights. If you have a bright window you can easily save geraniums, coleus, spike dracaenas, lantanas and much more. We're just now digging hybrid foxgloves and moving them inside.

These lovely hybrids are a cross between the common English foxglove and the unusual Canary Island foxglove. They are perennial--just not in our climate. They are well worth saving and cuttings can also be taken to create more plants for next season.

There's still time to save other potted plants that can take a light frost such as succulents. Cannas, dahlias and other summer bulbs such as gladiolus and pineapple lilies can be allowed to frost. After the top growth has frozen, they can be cut back, the bulbs or tubers dug and stored for winter in a cool, dark place inside.

Even as we focus on bringing tender plants inside, don't forget the rest of your garden. The warm weather and extended drought can severely weaken trees and shrubs. Blue spruce trees, for example, are not drought tolerant.

Continue watering. Don't send your landscape plants into winter in a weakened, drought-stressed state. This can lead to damage and death. Remember that watering at the base of the trunk isn't adequate. The feeder roots are at the drip line, which is the furthest extent of their branches. Water for extended periods and really let the water sink in deeply. Take precautions now to prevent winter damage.