More and more, Coloradans are moving outdoors to relax, cook and entertain ourselves and our kids.

As we’re spending more time outdoors, we need to be more comfortable. Part of making that happen involves having the outside of our homes be just as tech-savvy as the inside already is.

Heating is very important if we’re going to spend more time outdoors because of Colorado’s quick temperature swings.

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And staying warm outside doesn’t have to be messy.

Indoors, we have gas fireplaces we can turn on with a switch.

Outdoors, we’ve been using fire pits for a long time – and now, we are seeing more permanent fireplaces.

These outdoor gas fireplaces can be turned on quickly, with no mess and can be managed with apps on our phones.

Just like we need to control the temperature, we also want to control atmosphere – and we can create any mood we want with LED lighting and apps on our phones. You can schedule when lights to turn on/off and adjust the brightness right from your phone. With more versatile fixtures, you can twist on light to adjust from a wide flood light to a narrow spotlight.

Even our sprinkler systems are smarter and more simple to install and operate.

• The newest versions of Smart Controllers use highly accurate, internet sourced local weather data to adjust watering times so you’re not watering too much or too little. And you can interact with their programs from your phone.

• The latest innovation in sprinkler head technology means you can now water an entire area of your yard with only one sprinkler. Instead of several heads on one zone, you have one – and because it uses GPS, it can be programmed to adjust its spray to fit around a curve in your yard without over-watering. Underground, it uses far less materials—making it easier to install than conventional sprinklers.

Information courtesy Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado – sponsors of the 9NEWS Water Wise Garden and the 9News Kitchen Garden.