Amazon is making major moves in the food industry: the Whole Foods purchase in June, and now a meal kit service called AmazonFresh.

9NEWS asked local businesses what they think of the news. Other online food companies, like Colorado-based Door-to-Door Organics based in Lousiville, say the competition could be pretty healthy.

Door-to-Door Organics is an online food service that delivers organic produce to doorsteps in 17 different states.

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Mike Demko, the CEO of the company, says Amazon's move into the industry could help business for everybody.

"The big benefit to me is the fact that because of their brand, because of their size, they're just going to elevate awareness of online food, and that's going to benefit all players in this space," Demko said.

Amazon started running a trial of their meal kit service in Seattle. And while they're new in online food, companies like Door-to-Door Organics recognize the impending competition.

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"I think they'll help raise the bar in terms of quality and customer experience," Demko said. "It does create a level of competition that others need to be cognizant of."

Door-To-Door Organics continues to expand since its start in 1999. They say there's a strong market for local, organic products.