Longmont has a new name: "Gig City". No, they aren't changing the name of the town. But they are changing the way they get high-speed Internet.

In August 2014, Longmont started building its city-wide fiber-optic, high-speed internet connection. And in a couple weeks, that work will be complete. It's called a "Gig City".

This marks Longmont as the first city in Colorado to get access to gigabit internet service. it's called "NextLight".

It works a lot like water and electricity services: pay a monthly fee to the city and get your service turned on at your home.

But this isn't your average Internet connection. This is HIGH-speed: 1,000 megabits per second. And if you aren't familiar with computer lingo, know this: PC Magazine says that would make Longmont's service the fastest of any "gig city" in the nation.

Installation of large fiber-optic cables is almost complete. The project cost more than $45 million.

Currently there is a "Gig City Deal" available to users who sign up in July and August that costs about $60 per month for its users. The deal is a 40% discount on their standard rate.

Even as the city expands, Longmont says they will make sure all areas of the city get the service.

They already have 15,000 subscribers.