Loveland's population has grown by almost 25 percent in the last 10 years, according to US Census data. And the city council is taking note. The Foundry, a $76 million project, has started downtown.

Many in Loveland are excited; others... not so much.

The Foundry is a multi-use complex that will include several amenities for people in downtown Loveland:

- 455 space parking garage
- 155 apartments above 14,000 square feet of retail space
- a 100-room hotel
- a movie theater and a public plaza

The project was approved in June, and construction has since gotten under way on a two-block parcel of land between Lincoln and Cleveland Avenues.

When the project was announced, Loveland residents took to Facebook to give their opinion, whether positive or negative. Some say they have lived in Loveland their entire lives.

Carol Peterson works in a dental office in Loveland. She and her husband have lived in Loveland for 30 years -- they've been downtown for five.

"[We] were very excited because that means we'll never have to drive out to I-25 to go see a movie," Peterson says. "Everything is going to be within walking distance, and we love that. We love that sense of community and simpleness."

But there have been a few concerns about the Foundry among locals. A few issues include traffic, potential increases in taxes, and maybe losing the "small town feel" of Loveland.

Willy Flom is a life insurance agent in Loveland. Her family has lived in Loveland for three generations.

"My concerns with the Foundry stem from the lack of planning at a deeper level," Flom says. "I just see them letting more and more growth come in and not having a comprehensive growth plan. So we're going to add all these people, but what are we going to do for schools? What are we going to do for all these other things?"

Flom isn't the only one with this concern. On June 20, builders hit a water table during construction.

Laura Alier runs a community engagement site for people in Loveland. She's been following the Foundry since it was first introduced in August 2016.

"Most of the naysayers are people who don't have all the information," Alier says. "Unfortunately, I don't think we can control population growth.... It's not going to stay the same size, it's going to grow. I would hope that people who have concerns show up to city council meetings and participate in the process."

Alier says she agrees Loveland is a little behind on dealing with traffic but she thinks it's good because it shows people are coming to the community.

"I think the Foundry is a no-brainer in terms of downtown revitalization," Alier says.

The parking deck for the Foundry is set to be finished by next summer. The entire project is slated to take two years to complete.