Laughter is a language that almost everyone can understand, so one man is using it to teach people about autism.

Brent Anderson is the author of "Unintentional Humor; Celebrating the Literal Mind". His book gives readers an idea of how many with autism communicate. In the book he uses cartoons to explain everyday phrases that he takes literally such as "back-seat driver" or "raining cats and dogs".

The idea started with Brent's mom Linda Anderson, who decided that humorous stories would be the best way to help people understand her son and they way he communicates. The two eventually paired up with a cartoonist and a speech pathologist to create the book that is currently sold across the country.

Now Brent and his mother travel the country to share their message. On April 19, they will speak at the Rocky Mountain Autism Summit in Denver. For more information on the summit and ticket prices visit the event website.