Complex, delectable, challenging - if you've ever been around a friend who's very into artisan cheeses, you've probably heard at least those words used to describe the goat cheese gouda they brought to your party.

Well, imagine walking into the downtown convention center and running into 101 different people just like that. It may sound intimidating (if not a little annoying), but that couldn't be further from the truth at the American Cheese Society's annual conference.

Yes, that's a thing.

Cheesemongers (also a thing) from around the country have been going to the American Cheese Society's annual conference since 1984. The group usually holds its conferences in a different city each year, but it's based in Denver - and this year it's happening in Denver!

The conference began Wednesday, kicking off with the Cheese Block Party at Cobbler's Square. It was free to anyone who wanted to attend and featured many incredible kinds of cheese.

But on Thursday came "Meet the Cheesemaker". The artisans themselves - from all over the Americas (and one from Fort Collins!) - bring their craft cheeses. For attendees, it's a chance at networking.

For three members of the 9NEWS staff it was heaven.

From goat gouda (yes, that's a thing too) to ghost pepper cheese, and everything in between, these purveyors of the very best rotten milk in the world aren't a thing if not creative.

There was raw milk, truffle-infused Everton cheeses, organic Red Hawk from Cowgirl Creamery (the ACS's lifetime achievement award winner) and hundreds of others.

The conference continues with a cheese sculpting competition on Friday (we'll be there) and a tasting of exactly 2,024 different cheeses on Saturday.

That event is open to the public, with $65 tickets still available. It's all you can eat, so don't get brunch beforehand. It's called the festival of cheese and you can get some more information on that here.