Already this month, two people have been hurt by moose as officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife investigate both incidents.

Earlier in the month, a woman spotted a cow and her two calves in her yard and officials say the moose stomped on her. Someone who tried to help her was also hurt, but neither seriously. Her dog was running free in the backyard before the attack.

This past Saturday, a different woman was walking in a known moose habitat when a moose stomped on her, injuring her leg. That woman had her dog with her off a leash.

Officials say this time of year is moose calving season. A major catalyst in serious conflicts with the moose is dogs. Moose see them as wolves - their main predator.

Mike Porras, with CPW Northwest, says as soon as the moose notices the dogs, they'll try to stop them.

"What ends up happening, is that dog runs back to its owner for safety, but it can continue to run and escape," Porras says. "Meanwhile the owner can't and they end up injured."