There have been a few cases of rabies reported this year in Jefferson County, prompting officials to alert pet owners.

Four cases of animals with rabies have been reported in Jefferson County, according to Animal Control’s map.

The cases were:

  • A skunk at 16600 Block W. 51st Ave on March 7
  • A skunk at W. 35th Ave @ Sheridan Blvd on March 6
  • A skunk at Kipling St @ W. 20th Ave on March 6
  • A skunk at Grandview Ave @ Carr St on March 27

Jenny Fulton, spokeswoman for Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, gave some tips on protecting your pet:

  • Make sure your pet’s rabies shots are up to date
  • Keep your pets contained in the yard or inside your house
  • When out walking, keep your pets on a leash
  • If you come across a sick or injured animal, call animal control
  • Stay away from wildlife