Nearly 200 horses that were rescued from a ranch in Lantry, South Dakota are now being cared for in Colorado.

The horses were part of a group of more than 800 that were impounded from a ranch that's under criminal investigation for starvation and neglect.

Four horses were originally brought to Colorado back in November and some of the others were adopted out to new owners in South Dakota.

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In January, nonprofit organization Fleet of Angels worked to bring the remaining 300 horses to Fort Collins and is helping care for them here.

Many have been adopted, but there are still nearly 200 more that need new homes.

Elaine Nash, the executive director of Fleet of Angels, has been helping care for the horses.

Nash says there is an application people need to fill out if they are interested in adopting any of the horses.

The adoption is free, but the application is mandatory before anyone can look at the horses available for adoption.

If you're interested in helping, but not adopting a horse, the organization is taking donations for hay and other care expenses.