Spartan, the extremely skinny dog who was surrendered by his owner, is doing "amazingly well" following surgery.

The Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue says he was walking and "talking" for his favorite volunteer on Wednesday afternoon when she came to see him.

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Right now his condition is considered critical but stable, and he will have a feeding tube in for two weeks.

His vitals are being closely monitored and he is still expected to remain in the hospital until at least Sunday.

On Monday, with his health still declining, Spartan was taken to another veterinary hospital where a blockage was discovered in his bowel. Vets determined that he needed to surgery to have it removed.

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He had surgery on Tuesday which was a little more complicated than expected. They could not identify the object, but say it appears to be a type of thick, waxy plastic bag that had wadded up into a ball.

His treatment has become quite costly, so donations are welcome and can be made at

Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue has been taking care of 'Spartan' since he was surrendered March 14.

His former owner 32-year-old Tyler Hicks, has been charged with Animal Cruelty, Animal Neglect, Rabies Vaccination Required and Dog Licensing Required in the case.