For the second day in a row, Denver firefighters came to the rescue of a dog who fell through the ice at Washington Park.

Witnesses say Francis ran after some ducks then went through the ice on Sunday afternoon. She tried several times pull herself out of the water, but didn't have the energy to get out on her own.

Firefighters slid a small raft out on the ice and pulled her back to safely back to shore.

"She kept swimming and swimming and when she was rather tired, she attempted to get out of the water," witness Dan Berman said. "She gripped the ice with her two front feet but was unable to get up on the ice and have multiple attempts she got tired."

Berman, who also happens to be a veterinarian, helped firefighters assess the dog's condition after the rescue.

He says she'll be tired Monday, but should be perfectly fine.

In this case, firefighters say the dog owner did the right thing by calling 911 and not going after the dog.