A rather mischievous litter of puppies found their way out of a Weld County property and onto a nearby county road, prompting perhaps the world's cutest traffic complaint.

Although all the puppies were rescued, their owners still haven't been identified.

On Saturday, Weld County Animal Control headed out on the call in the 6700 block of Weld County Road 21, which is Northwest of Fort Lupton

A caller had told police there were puppies running all over the road. That person was worried the puppies would get hit by a car.

When deputies arrived to help, they indeed found puppies scampering this way and that across the road.

Animal Control Officer Steeves and Weld County Deputy Rosebrock managed to get the puppies off the road and tried to get them back to the nearby property, but the wiggly little ones kept finding ways of escaping back onto the road.

Eventually, the officers decided they'd have to take the puppies to the Humane Society of Weld County in Evans to ensure they wouldn't keep escaping into traffic.

As of Monday afternoon, the puppies were still at the shelter. They are not up for adoption just yet, as Colorado law allows owners of lost dogs five days to claim their pets.

Puppies were reported running across a Weld County Road over the weekend. Maximum cuteness ensued and they were all rescued.

Deputies attempted to contact the owners of the property over the weekend but had no luck, according to the sheriff's office Facebook post.

Deputies left a note with information for the owners on how to get their puppies back. None of the animals had a collar on or a chip identifying where they came from, police say.

If anyone knows the owner of these puppies please have them call 970-356-4015 option 1.