If this year's election has you stressed out and frazzled, give yourself a few minutes to clear your mind and relax your body with the following yoga poses.

Yoga instructor Kylie Larson takes you through a yoga routine that will having you feeling better in just 15 minutes.

1. Child's pose
If the uncertainty of the future has you feeling unstable, ground yourself with this restorative pose. With most of your body in contact with your yoga mat, you can focus on grounding down and creating a strong, stable connection to the earth.

2. Thread the needle
For those of you that hold tension in your shoulders and upper back (so everyone!), thread the needle is amazing to relax the upper body and make space through the neck and shoulders. I promise you'll be doing this pose in your cubicle every day!

3. Low lunge and pigeon pose
The other common place to hold stress is in the hips. Low lunge and pigeon pose are my go-to's to open up hips and find a nice release in the lower half of the body.

4. Legs up the wall
If you're just sick and tired of the election both mind and body, get into this restorative pose to find relaxation and rejuvenation. The longer you hold this pose the better, as your body will move into a state of "rest and digest" rather than "fight or flight." As you make that transition in your physical body, your mind will also begin to quiet down.

5.Supine twist
Need a little detox from all the negativity? In addition to easing back tension and soothing your nerves, this refreshing twist will wring out the body from the inside out.

6. Savasana or corpse pose
And finally, if you're feeling that you "literally can't even" with this election, this is the pose for you. Corpse pose is the ultimate pose for letting go, finding complete relaxation and blissful neutrality. If you only have five minutes to practice yoga, this is your pose. Do it for as long as you can and when you transition back to real life, take all the sensations with you. I mean the world needs a little more blissful neutrality right now, why not spread it around?

Kylie Larson is a Denver-based yoga instructor and personal fitness trainer.

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