A Salida woman's daughter wanted to make sure her mother had a very special 78th birthday so she turned to social media for help.

Shirley Mazza's daughter, Christi Baker, who lives in Florida - posted her mother's name and address on Facebook asking her friends to send her mother 78 birthday cards for her 78th birthday on November 7th to surprise her.

"I was getting a bunch of birthday cards, a lot of them from friends that I had known and a lot of them from strangers and I couldn't imagine what was going on," said Mazza.

Shirley received 119 birthday cards from 15 different states.

"I was confused and I couldn't imagine how they got my name and my number and all that, and my address," Mazza said. "Then my daughter called and told me what she had done, put it in Facebook, and she said I just wanted you to have a very happy birthday this year mom."

She says her daughter was planning to do this for her 80th birthday, but decided to do it this year instead.

"Of course, I did have an excellent birthday," said Shirley.

She plans to save all of the cards she's received.

"My husband is going to make me a special box just for those and I will save those forever," she said.