A simple Google search shows this is actually a thing that’s been around for a while, but it’s pretty Colorado, so why not write a story about it?

We got a photo in Your Take of a BMW motorcycle in a parking spot.

It’s a nice motorcycle, but the best part is what’s attached: a mountain bike. On the back of a fairly off-road friendly motorcycle.Which is pretty ingenious, if you think about it. 

Again, a Google image search shows this isn’t a big deal and nothing new. But really, what’s more Colorado than needing to bring your mountain bike along on a motorcycle ride?

The answer is probably Casa Bonita or a dog-friendly mountain craft beer festival where people complain about transplants even though they moved here from California six months ago. 

Yes, this is kind of a thing. But still cool! 

That aside, if you want your own motorcycle bicycle rack, you can get one for around $300.

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