DENVER – There are famous places in Colorado that most people never get to see. Some are dark and mysterious. Others are bright and busy. They are all Under Colorado.

These underground treasures are the subject of a 9NEWS Special Program. Photojournalist Eric Kehe and I visited them to give viewers a rare view of what goes on deep inside the earth.

Under Colorado airs at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22 on 9NEWS

Cheyenne Mountain

Workers enter the Cheyenne Mountain bunker through the inner blast door, which is normally painted white but has been stripped to bare metal to remove lead paint during renovation. 

We got in to probably the most famous underground space in the country, Cheyenne Mountain.

Buried 2,000 feet under a mountain of granite, it’s a giant military command and control center that’s kept America safe for 50 years.

Experts monitor everything from missiles to satellites to space junk to the International Space Station.

The facility is built to withstand a nuclear blast, which it hopefully will never have to.


Conspiracy? Aliens? Here's a look at some of the things under Denver International Airport. 

What goes on under Denver International Airport anyway? Oh, we’ve heard the rumors.

Rumors about a secret underground city. A military complex. A psychological warfare testing center. Even a base for aliens, like from outer space aliens.

We show you what’s really going on.

Titan Missile Silo

A look at an old Titan Missile Silo in Colorado's Eastern Plains. 

Can you imagine being a farmer from the Eastern Plains, and owning an old Titan Missile Silo?

We met him.

His dad bought it after the Air Force shut it down because the Cold War was over. Now it sits in a field, and has become a pain in the you-know-what.

Adults and kids from all over the country have spread the word online that it’s there, and they come to sneak in and explore.

It’s a very dangerous place, and the owner is worried something awful will happen down there. We talk to him about his dilemma.

Eisenhower Tunnel

If you've driven into the High Country, you probably recognize this view. The Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels take drivers underneath the Continental Divide. 

Thousands of people drive through the Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels every day.

You probably know what it looks like, but I’ll bet you’ve never seen its secrets. We’ll show you the wind tunnels, the control room, the fire station.

We’ll tell you about how it was built, and the giant piece of equipment that got stuck inside.

It’s still there.

And we’ll tell you the unlikely story of how a woman who worked to build the tunnels became a champion of women’s rights.

Colorado State Capitol

A look at what's really under the Colorado State Capitol Building. 

And finally, we’ll take you under Colorado’s State Capitol. It’s a massive place with tunnels that stretch for blocks.

What are they for? Are the rumors about them true? Were they really used by lawmakers 100 years ago to escape gun slingers? Or were prostitutes brought in to, ah, visit through those tunnels?

Just a few of the questions we answer as we take you on a unique journey – Under Colorado.