Elk: 1. Halloween Display: 0. Pumpkin: 1,000,000.

That basically sums what once transpires during what will perhaps be the most wholesome 40ish seconds of your day.

Here’s what’s going down: two elk in Estes Park are clearly totally sick of Halloween. They take it out on an innocent display, and in the process, are entranced by the image of a pumpkin slowing rolling down an abyss.

They also find time to play, because what’s life as an elk if you aren’t being an elk?

You can watch the whole video above (a big thank you to Marsha Hobert for sending this our way!) and watching a weirdly entrancing GIF of the elk admiring their work below:

Can’t see the delightful elk GIF? Click here: http://gph.is/2hdHVxO