I'm new here. My car still has a Florida license plate. I moved to Denver in June into a nice studio in Capitol Hill.

I love the city - love the mountains - everything about it! I do not love the (unreasonable, in my mind) ire that all locals seem to have for anybody not 10 feet from them.

So, yes, I'm a transplant (feared and hated), but I'm mostly enjoying my time here. I did not move here for the pot like all 9NEWS' commenters seem to think - instead, I came to work for one of the best local news stations in the country!

I grew up in Michigan - and moved to Florida in the summer of 2005. I was 13. Since then, I've seen it snow once in Jacksonville, Florida and visited my family during the holidays once (for some reason, they always wanted to visit Florida in December).

Quick flashback to me in Michigan:

I tell you all that because I want you to understand me when I say there needs to be a little pamphlet given to who come to Colorado featuring all the things you should be prepared for when it snows.

Because I stopped at a visitor center on Interstate 70 when I drove here from Florida. I took all the sight-seeing maps but nowhere in the state-funded propaganda house did it tell me I'd need boots for snow.

Or that I'd need to clean my car off before trying to drive.

Or what on earth a defroster is for... I'd always seen it, never knew.

I'm happy to have survived. I've got an all-wheel-drive CR-V thankfully - the old Hondas. I only had to drive a mile to work, but I was definitely shivering the entire time.

My dad suggested I try and 'warm my car up' by turning it on and leaving it there - but then I had to remind him it just sits on the curb ... I'd have to freeze with it.

I'm used to my town shutting down if it gets below 40 degrees - Denverites are a much more hardy people. And I'm excited!


So, if you're new to the area like me, here are some things you should know:

1. Don't expect to be pitied; Coloradans don't like snow any more than you do, but they've got places to be. Don't ask them to 'show you how to clean your car off'
2. Watch where you step; there's a lot more puddles when it snows
3. Buy boots; I'm not explaining this one...
4. Jackets don't cut it - you need to buy a 'coat'*
5. Defrost your car before you leave; If you don't, you might have to stick your head out the window to see like Ace Ventura
6. Give yourself extra time; it went from 70s to 30s overnight - that's jarring for someone new! Even though the roads weren't too bad, it will lower your stress level for sure

So there you have it! I've only really had a taste of winter as a full-grown adult.

*I always thought coats were basically what you all consider 'pullovers.' Since dealing with the freeze last night, I've realized I need to hit up Burlington Coat Factory or the like for something 'warm.'